Yankees fans, beware...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh look, it's been five years.

I started this blog five years ago, after much urging from my older sister. At the time, I was barely seventeen, off to Boston University, varsity athlete, adored my cat, had a terrible on-again, off-again boyfriend, had never left north america, was still scared to free think outside of the neo-con(ness) of my parent's household, I thought Green Day's "American Idiot" album was the best thing ever...and I thought I was going to be a doctor.

I started this post a few times, thinking about retiring the blog, thinking about how the mighty have fallen from 5 years ago.

But then again...

(also go watch this trailer. immediately. then come back.)

At 22, The New York Times tells me I have an excuse to feel a bit lost, to slip up and end up back at my parent's house (except, they moved to Texas, possibly so I wouldn't end up at their house!).

But I think I've arrived at a point where I'm okay with where I am. I didn't stay at BU, I transferred (somewhat convolutely) to Harvard. No longer pre-med, I'm definitely headed to law school in a year. Volunteered for two political campaigns, one perhaps the greatest, and one perhaps the greatest loser. Anthro, not so much, hello English major. Gaelic over french (agus is fearr gaeilge bhriste na bearla cliste!), eastern philosophy over western, Varitek over Damon, Crimson > Terriers.

I live in an apartment, and the roommates (two guys) and I get along quite well.
I have a professor that got me a graduate spot at Trinity if I want it, because he recommended me.
I have another professor who referred me to an old friend who works for the UN so I could make sense of the Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia when I was in the Hague.
Debate's gone well; as I looked over my record last year, I realized I placed in the top 12 teams six times, which is nothing to scoff at. I've also competed internationally, and who's lucky enough to get to do that?
I have friends around the world, and a couple locally that are really quite amazing.
Really, even though things can be a bit tough here and there, I'm going to be okay. And it's really the first time I've ever felt that way.

So here we go, retiring the blog, because its necessity has expired, its exploration ceased, its story-telling marginalized out of existence.

What does the future hold? Ideally, Harvard Law with 9 months abroad to Australia for an international concentration, an internship at The Hague, a job in London.

More likely is someplace like American Law (look, a program at Monash in Melbourne!), clerkships in Boston (my dear home), criminal defense for a time in Boston, then human rights for the ICC. Entirely plausible.

So, great emptiness that never really held readers, off I go, scurrying towards my Ivy-League sheepskin, researching topics in the bowels of the library that no one will ever read (but at least it's quiet!), travelling here and there (why, hello, Oxford) for education and debate, continuously writing the next great American novel in secret files, and of course, spending my Saturday nights cozied up with Boston Legal reruns. Here I am, signing off.